Sunday, January 29, 2017

See The 25 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In America

The 25 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In America - A list of the 25 most expensive homes in America has been released, and the prices range from $78 million to a staggering $250 million.

Click link to see the top 25 most expensive homes you can buy right now in America.

A Fifth Avenue location in New York City is one of the most expensive at $120million

Bel Air Spec Manor is the most expensive home that has ever been listed in the United States at $250 million.

Elk Mountain Lodge, priced at $80 million, is owned by billionaire Bill Koch.

Il Palmetto, priced at $137 million  in Palm Beach is owned by Netscape co-founder Jim Clark.

The Bradbury Estate     

Just to keep up these mega mansions costs millions per year, which puts anyone that isn’t a millionaire or #billionaire not within financial reach to own one. But one can always dream.Thanks for visiting.

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