Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NBA Teams Owned By Billionaires In 2015

Ever wonder what NBA teams were owned by a billionaire. Here is info-graph showing you who owns what team.

 More billionaire owners of other sports teams coming soon to our blog.

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Biggest Money Givers - Charitable Gifts or Donations by Individuals Or Their Foundations For 2014

The Top Donors Are Shown in the Order of: Amount – Donor – Age – Net Worth – Purpose or Beneficiary

                                                                    Ralph Wilson Jr.
1) – $1 billion – Ralph Wilson Jr., deceased founder of the Buffalo Bills football team; Wilson passed away at the age of 95 in March and left $1 billion to his family foundation, which works to help homeless and poor families in Buffalo and Detroit.
Given to: Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

2) – $650 million – Ted Stanley, age 83, is a billionaire (net worth $1.3 billion) businessman who made his fortune selling sports memorabilia and other collectables.
Given to: Broad Institute, for research on the genetics of psychiatric disorders – to support research in mental health as his son has bipolar disorder.
3) – $500 million – Billionaires Nicholas and Jill Woodman, age 40, (net worth $5 billion) are founders of the GoPro camera company.
Given to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation – which makes grants to a variety of causes such as education and immigration.
4) – $350 million – The Chan family and the Morningside Foundation; Gerald, age 64, and Ronnie, age 66, (net worth $3.1 billion) Chan co-founded the Morningside Group, a private equity and venture capital firm
Given to: Harvard School of Public Health – It was the largest gift in Harvard’s history.
5) – $177.3 million – Larry Page, age 41, (net worth $30.4 billion) is a co-founder of Google.
Given to: Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, gave $177 million in stock to the charity he set up in the name of his father.
6) – $150 million – Kenneth Griffin, age 46, (net worth $5.6 billion) is an American hedge fund manager and the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC., a Chicago-based investment firm.
Given to: Harvard University, for financial aid
7) – $130 million – Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation; Partners Barry Diller, age 72, (net worth $2.4 billion) is chairman of IAC/InteractiveCorp and Diane von Furstenberg, age 68, (net worth $1.2 billion) is a fashion designer.
Given to: Hudson River Park Trust, to help build a floating park in New York City’s west side.
8) – $125 million – T. Denny Sanford, (net worth $1.3 billion) age 79, is chairman of United National Corporation – made his fortune as the owner of First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard, both among the nation’s leading credit card providers.
Given to: Sanford Health, for genetic testing programs.
9) – $120 million – Ernest Rady, age 76, (net worth $950 million) is a real-estate developer, the Founder and Chairman of privately held American Assets Inc.
Given to: Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, for a genomics institute
10) – $110 million – Sidney Kimmel Foundation; Mr. Kimmel, age 86, (net worth $1.3 billion) founded Jones Apparel Group and is a film producer.
Given to: Thomas Jefferson University, for its medical college
Last years largest individual donor:
$990 million – Billionaire Mark Zuckerburg, age 30, (net worth $33.5 billion) an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who co-founder of social media site, Facebook.
Given to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation – a donation of 18 million Facebook shares. He recently gave $25 million to the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

Billionaire PayPal Founder And Wife To Divorce For The Second Time

Billionaire internet entrepreneur, and PayPal co-founder, Elon Musk and his British actress wife Talulah Riley have agreed to "amicably" end their marriage after being apart the last 5 months, according to a joint statement released Friday. This is the second split for the couple, who first married in 2010, and then again in 2013 after a 2012 divorce. Musk filed the divorce petition in Los Angeles on December 31, 2014. The statement went on to say that Riley would receive $16 million from Musk, who also founded the firms SpaceX and Tesla Motors.
Musk is one of the world's wealthiest individuals with a net worth estimated at some $8 billion, according to Forbes. According to the statement, Riley "has decided to remain in the UK and pursue her career where she has spent the last five months working on her first feature film, 'Scottish Mussel,' as a writer and director." The statement also added that "Mr. Musk and Ms Riley remain friends."
In 2010, Musk went through a messy divorce from his Canadian-born wife, science-fiction writer Justine Musk, mother of their five sons, including triplets. He currently has full custody of the children and they live in the Hollywood Hills.
The 43-year-old Musk, is a South African native. Besides SpaceX and Tesla, Musk heads up SolarCity, a company which makes solar panels for homes and businesses. And he operates his own foundation focusing on education, clean energy and child health.