Thursday, September 1, 2016

Billionaire Family Offices - New Way to Distribute Their Wealth

The world's wealthiest people have changed their ways as the world has evolved from the norm of the hard-to-reach millionaire status - to the now common billionaire with several mansions and more money than many countries annual GDP. But even though many of these affluent people may spend tens of millions of dollars on their homes, yachts, and lifestyles, many have and are putting their money toward world caliber problems and the solving of major issues effecting the world, all for the benefit of mankind. 

Billionaires Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Manoj Bhargava, Paul Allen, Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg are examples of #billionaires that have chosen to direct their wealth towards solving problems. They recognize that they have a unique opportunity to improve the lives of many and have set up #foundations to do so, giving away vast amounts of their wealth.

Our new 'Billionaire's Foundations Mailing List' will be available soon on our site This will be a great way of applying or asking for a grant, scholarship, or funding. While great for private individuals, businesses, and non-profits, it will have direct links to their online applications and websites, making it easier than ever to secure funding for any reason. If you are interested in the billionaire foundations mailing list, just 'follow us' and share this post with your friends and we will SEND YOU THE MAILING LIST for FREE as soon as it is available. What a great deal - for just a post.

Here's a good article from our friends at Spears Wealth Management about the billionaire's family offices and their wealth distribution.

Passion Investments of Billionaires - Billionaire Family Offices

A 'billionaire class' mansion for sale for $75 million in Stamford, CT.
Houses of the rich people of the United States
One of the many billionaire mansions of Beverly Hills, California that is large enough to include a private family office.
Great for non-profits, any type of funding, startups, or donations of any kind.
Market To The Affluent - Contact The Wealthy - Share Your Startup
The estate may be able to have the family office just a walk away
A beautiful English manor that could include a on property billionaire family office. 

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