Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The REAL History of Twitter - The Scandal They Want To Hide

Here is the REAL history of Twitter. People never pay attention to the inner workings of these internet companies, however when we read this and found that in fact the person who thought of and created Twitter was "pushed out" by his "friends" Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey (who get credit for Twitters creation EVERYDAY - and the billion$ that they received) while the REAL CREATOR, Noah Glass, got what amounted to an assistants salary, it just makes us sick. And these 2 men parade around acting like they are the BIG creators, makes us even sicker. People nowadays don't think twice about backstabbing their closest friends (instead of sharing) for the almighty dollar. Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey should be ashamed of themselves. Every time I use Twitter now, I get a sour taste in my mouth. It's probably from the attitude and self love stink they give off.
Though the article is an older article and a bit lengthy, if you have the time, read it. It will give you a new perspective of Twitter and the assholes that own it.