Friday, January 2, 2015

The Biggest Money Givers - Charitable Gifts or Donations by Individuals Or Their Foundations For 2014

The Top Donors Are Shown in the Order of: Amount – Donor – Age – Net Worth – Purpose or Beneficiary

                                                                    Ralph Wilson Jr.
1) – $1 billion – Ralph Wilson Jr., deceased founder of the Buffalo Bills football team; Wilson passed away at the age of 95 in March and left $1 billion to his family foundation, which works to help homeless and poor families in Buffalo and Detroit.
Given to: Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

2) – $650 million – Ted Stanley, age 83, is a billionaire (net worth $1.3 billion) businessman who made his fortune selling sports memorabilia and other collectables.
Given to: Broad Institute, for research on the genetics of psychiatric disorders – to support research in mental health as his son has bipolar disorder.
3) – $500 million – Billionaires Nicholas and Jill Woodman, age 40, (net worth $5 billion) are founders of the GoPro camera company.
Given to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation – which makes grants to a variety of causes such as education and immigration.
4) – $350 million – The Chan family and the Morningside Foundation; Gerald, age 64, and Ronnie, age 66, (net worth $3.1 billion) Chan co-founded the Morningside Group, a private equity and venture capital firm
Given to: Harvard School of Public Health – It was the largest gift in Harvard’s history.
5) – $177.3 million – Larry Page, age 41, (net worth $30.4 billion) is a co-founder of Google.
Given to: Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, gave $177 million in stock to the charity he set up in the name of his father.
6) – $150 million – Kenneth Griffin, age 46, (net worth $5.6 billion) is an American hedge fund manager and the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC., a Chicago-based investment firm.
Given to: Harvard University, for financial aid
7) – $130 million – Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation; Partners Barry Diller, age 72, (net worth $2.4 billion) is chairman of IAC/InteractiveCorp and Diane von Furstenberg, age 68, (net worth $1.2 billion) is a fashion designer.
Given to: Hudson River Park Trust, to help build a floating park in New York City’s west side.
8) – $125 million – T. Denny Sanford, (net worth $1.3 billion) age 79, is chairman of United National Corporation – made his fortune as the owner of First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard, both among the nation’s leading credit card providers.
Given to: Sanford Health, for genetic testing programs.
9) – $120 million – Ernest Rady, age 76, (net worth $950 million) is a real-estate developer, the Founder and Chairman of privately held American Assets Inc.
Given to: Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, for a genomics institute
10) – $110 million – Sidney Kimmel Foundation; Mr. Kimmel, age 86, (net worth $1.3 billion) founded Jones Apparel Group and is a film producer.
Given to: Thomas Jefferson University, for its medical college
Last years largest individual donor:
$990 million – Billionaire Mark Zuckerburg, age 30, (net worth $33.5 billion) an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who co-founder of social media site, Facebook.
Given to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation – a donation of 18 million Facebook shares. He recently gave $25 million to the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.