Saturday, December 6, 2014

Billionaires Ex-Wife Says $1 Billion Not Enough In Divorce

Billionaires Ex-Wife Says $1 Billion Not Enough In Divorce - The ex-wife of Billionaire Harold Hamm has decided that the $1 billion settlement she reached with her ex just isn't enough of the $18 billion pie they have made. On Friday, she appealed Oklahoma County Court Judge Howard Haralson’s $995 million ruling in the divorce. Sue Ann Arnall, as she is now known, believes she’s entitled to half of his (shouldn't it be 'their'?) $18 billion fortune. "As Sue Ann has stated previously, 6 percent is not a fair proportion of the wealth the couple accumulated during their 26 year marriage, and she trusts that a more equitable division of the marital estate will result from this appeal," her lawyers said in a statement. Why Judge Haralson distinguished Hamm’s - the Continental Resources Chief Executive Officer and Chairman - 68 percent stake in the company as “separate property" we will never know. I guess when you have $18 billion to spend on lawyers, you can screw anyone over you like.  Good for Sue Ann, I think she is due a little more, no one needs $17 billion, as I think he would 'get along' fine with just $10 billion! We will keep you updated.